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Every little helps

Every little helps
FREE Hanoi Charity Tour
Tour Code : W.A Charity
The Hanoi charity tour is incredibly NEW , just part of our’s project ‘EVERY LITTLE HELPS’
Special sincere appreciations to Mr & Mrs Lawrence & Lily Chan ( retired Entrepreneurs from Hong Kong) and N.G.O team members of  HSCV Vietnam who did great jobs saving lives of heart surgeries kids, poor families, blind pupils, lonely elderly in difficult circumstances…
For the last couple of days with you guys touring around northern Vietnam doing charity , deeply left us unforgettable emotional impressions…that’s why we wanna do a little something to help them beside our travel business, what we do is just FREE translations/interpretations guiding for your visit to Orphanage/abandoned Elderly Pagoda Home…
 We are and always will not be receiving donations, cash, payments of any kinds from benefactors, we just simply wanna help the POOR for a better life, we’d like take you there for eye witness of ‘How their real hard lives are struggling!!!’
A pack of instant noodle, a kilo of rice, a loaf of bread ,a pencil, school books for kids… and your warm understanding hearts SURELY will HELP
Should you require any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on (+84) 437.858.012 or email us through :
Kind Regards
Win An Tours Charity Team
‘Every little helps’
Absolutely Cool & Cosy

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